Terrace garden – Fruit of labour!

Leave beautiful footprints wherever you go.

The idea of building a terrace garden came up at a meeting where the Axions were brainstorming on ways to beautify the office while being environmentally responsible. The goal was to create a space for everyone to enjoy the peaceful, green terrace view along with a cup of coffee and fresh air.

So, as a part of family activity, the Axions got their gardening gloves on and set to work. Kids and spouses also joined for an enjoyable afternoon toiling away to build a green workspace.

Working together to build something beautiful, not only on the desk or in the laboratory but also outdoors in the midst of nature strengthened the active team spirit at Axio.

Along with flowers and decorative plants, a small kitchen garden was also set up!

Like everything else that we do at Axio, the terrace garden was something we kept on nurturing for months afterward. And to everyone’s delight, after the first of the fruit started showing up, there was no looking back!

Life at Axio is filled with fun activities to not only help to take time off the desks but also to give back to the world. We believe in having time to relax at work to set a balance of work and life so that our teams always hold strong and passionate about saving lives.

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