MaxioCel Testimonials

Advanced Wound Care

“Wound therapy has really progressed and we have been using modern dressing materials. We used MaxioCel in almost 25 patients and it has given us great help. This polysaccharide is non-toxic, non-allergenic and absorptive. We found it useful for arterial, venous as well as clean and infected wounds.”

“The wonderful thing about Maxiocel is its huge absorptive ability and painless removal. It also helps in wound healing in addition to antimicrobial action. I would say that it is a kind of revolutionary product and we have been using it and getting extremely good results.”

“My first experience with MaxioCel was dramatic. I used it in a patient with Ischemic ulcer (post angioplasty), which helped in faster, healthy granulation tissue formation and subsequent healing. Hence, I made sure to use it in all my patients with venous ulcers (more than 6 months old) and achieved very good healing rate. My personal experience is too good with MaxioCel, which I think is a boon for these kinds of patients.”