Research & Development

Axio foresees contemporary integrated knowledge in biomaterials, medicine, and engineering with the aim of designing novel solutions in the not-too-distant future. This will also help in addressing the unmet needs in the management of trauma and chronic infectious wounds.

Axio envisages a future where contemporary knowledge of biomaterials, medicine, and engineering will be integrated into designing novel solutions to address the huge unmet need in the management of trauma and chronic-infectious wounds.

We are a deep science MedTech company with extensive R&D expertise in biomaterials. Our platform-based approach enables us to develop medical products that are engineered to enhance its efficacy even at higher scale. With such a vision, we introduced our first line of haemostatic products that are probably one of the best available trauma heamostats in the market today.

Axio’s research philosophy is to translate biomaterials research into real-world products and bring them to patient’s bedsides at an affordable cost. Here innovation is a daily practice as we explore unchartered territories in novel materials and technologies. The research & development team at Axio is developing novel solutions that are smarter, friendlier, and quicker than conventional products.

Advancing biomaterial innovations to deliver the next generation of advanced wound care and Haemostatic products. We are a deep science driven MedTech company. We strive to help patients heal faster and get better.

Our Approach to R&D

At Axio, we have a unique approach to our Research and Development (R&D) to strengthen our pipeline and unlock potential in the emerging fields of healthcare. We focus on biomaterial science, the use of natural and synthetic biomaterials and is driven by the amalgamation of advanced cutting edge technologies, biomaterial science and agile methodologies. It helps us to accelerate the pace at which we innovate, develop and deliver our most promising assets to serve the greatest unmet medical need. Our innovation ambition is to lead Axio and become the pioneers among Indian Med Tech companies by disrupting the discovery, development, manufacturing, and deliver the breakthrough products.

Our R&D core strength lies in our ability to excel in developing the most promising medical device products through inter disciplinary teams in product formulations, process chemistry and analytical development. We have the strong capability to deliver the best quality products within specified timelines, at low costs, and without compromising on product quality. Over the years, our R&D department has developed expertise and gathered experience in performing device invitro and invivo characterization studies, biocompatibility studies, Cellular studies, preclinical and clinical studies with standard model and protocol according to USFDA, ISO, and ASTM guidelines.

Expertise and Experienced R&D Team

In Axio, our R&D team continuously managed to push the boundaries in biomaterial science, including development of advanced haemostat, next generation wound care dressing, PPH management device, surgical tissue adhesive, sealant, scaffolds by tissue engineering with the goal to improve the quality of patient’s lives and longer live of people.

We have 10+ research scientists with multiple PhDs, Post Docs working in our R&D center equipped with advanced lab instruments, cutting-edge enabling technologies for research and 5S lab system. Our scientists have expertise in biomaterial research that allows a rapid development of a basket of robust medical device products for diverse healthcare market across the world.

Intellectual Property

Our innovative research strategy and implementation are well supported by a strong and established intellectual property team having expertise and experience in biomaterial science, Synthetic and process chemistry, analytical techniques, dosage forms, and global patent law. Over the last 5 years, we have been consistently successful in challenging patents on several high-value products globally.

R&D Pipeline

Our Healthcare R&D organization focuses mainly on three categories: Advanced Haemostats and next-generation wound care dressing . Our R&D focus is on building a strong, competitive pipeline of consumer-led med-tech products based on biomaterial science innovation. We are focusing on accelerating key assets in our pipeline and looking at cutting-edge med-tech technologies to save more patient’s life through expanding indications and delivering innovative healthcare products to new geographies. The multiplier effect of our well-structured product pipeline, Continued advancement of technologies, and a better understanding of biomaterial science helps us to explore new breakthroughs and resolve the world’s biggest health challenges.

Ø Haemostasis

Ø Wound Care

Ø Mucoadhesive Delivery

Ø Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials based Scaffolds

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