Pivotal study on Haemostats & their mechanism of action in controlling massive bleeding:
A collaborative study with Harvard Medical School

Haemostat for rapid bleeding on anticoagulation therapy.

Key Pointers about Haemostat for rapid bleeding on anticoagulation therapy.

Axiostat Publications

Efficacy and Safety of Axiostat

Pre-hospital Hemorrhagic Control: Effectiveness of Axiostat

International Journal of Toxicology: Mechanisms and Methods

Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs

Indian Journal of Emergency Medicine

Axiostat Evidences

Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs

Axiostat Case Studies

Transfemoral Interventional Cardiology Procedure
44 years, Male
Permanent Pacemaker Implantation Procedure
44 years, Female
PTCA Radial Procedure
48 years, Male
Central Veinoplasty Procedure
37 years, Male
Radial Interventional Cardiology Procedure
68 years, Male
ECMO Femoral Cannulation Procedure
1yr 10m, Female

MaxioCel Publications

Evaluation of a Novel Chitosan Wound Healing Dressing

Use of Chitosan-based Dressings for the Management of a Chronic Lower Limb Ulcer

Evaluation of a Chitosan Dressing in the Management of Hard-to-Heal Wounds

Evaluation of a bioactive microfibre
gelling dressing 

MaxioCel Evidences

Technology to Support Patient Self Care

Chronic Wound Debridement in an Acute Setting

Severe Pressure Ulcer Debridement in the Acute Sector

MaxioCel in the management of malignant
fungating wounds

A Multi-disciplinary Team Approach to the Management

Evaluating A Chitosan Lactate Gelling Microfibre Dressing In Complex Wound

A Case Study on the Effectiveness of a Chitosan Lactate Microfibre Dressing

Accelerating the Chronic Wound
Healing Process

Evaluation of a Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) Dressing

A Ten-Patient Case Study Series on the Impact of a 100% Chitosan-Based Dressing

A Transformative Wound Management Approach with BMG™ Technology

Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) Technology in the Management of Lower Limb Ulcers

Bioactive Microfibre Gelling™ (BMG™) Technology: In Vitro Testing of this New Innovative

Working in Partnership with the Nursing Home Sector to Facilitate Improved Wound

Ten-Patient Case Study Series Across an Integrated Care Board

Introducing an Innovative Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) Technology

Accelerating Wound Healing in Chronic Wound and Post Surgical Wound

Expediting Wound Healing in Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients

MaxioCel Case Studies

Venous Leg Ulcer
67 Years, Male
Arterial Ulcer
37 Years, Male
Venous Leg Ulcer
61 Years, Male
Post-Traumatic Leg Ulcer
26 Years, Male
Femoral DVT
65 years, Female
Diabetic Foot Infection(Amputation)
45 years, Male
Venous Ulcer/Diabetic Foot
92 years, Female
Ischemic Wound
52 years , Male
Plantar Ulcer
62 years, Male
Breast Cavity Wound
29 years , Female
Skin Graft Donor Site
55 years , Female
Carbuncle Wound
49 years , Male
Trans Tibial Amputation
68 years , Male
Scrotum And Perineal Wound
58 years, Male
Bed Sores
60 years , Female
C-Section Infected Suture Line
28 years , Female