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Making path-breaking advanced wound care and surgical products from India to the world

At Axio, we are dedicated to revolutionising wound care and surgical care globally. Powered by our bio-materials expertise and contemporary knowledge of medicine and engineering, we design novel solutions for wound treatment.... From hassle-free wound dressing to advanced bleeding control kits, we have developed a wide range of wound care products that save precious lives and prioritize patient comfort. Our novel and accessible wound care solutions are effective for the management of trauma, surgical and chronic-infectious wounds.

Advanced Haemostat for

Bleeding Control

  • Controls moderate to severe bleeding within minutes
  • chitosan haemostatic Dressing for Interventional & Surgical procedures
  • First chitosan haemostatic dressing from India to get US FDA
  • Extensively used by Defence Forces Worldwide
  • Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®)
Axio Biosolutions
Axio Biosolutions

The Next Generation
Wound Care Dressing

  • Effectively treats diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, burn wounds and other chronic wounds
  • Wound dressing for haemostasis and painless removal
  • Exudate management and pressure sore treatment
  • Non-woven microfibre wound dressing
  • Bioactive Microfiber Gelling Technology (BMG™)



Axiostat is a bioactive haemostatic dressing. It works on a unique charge-based mechanism of mucoadhesion which forms a mechanical barrier on the bleeding site.
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MaxioCel is a highly absorbent antimicrobial wound dressing, designed to heal patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and chronic wounds by effectively managing exudates, pain and scar improvement.
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Axio Biosolutions
Axio Biosolutions

US FDA 510 (k) Cleared

Axio Biosolutions

US FDA 510 (k) Cleared

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Axiostat Technology

Axio Biosolutions
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