Bleeding Control in
Radial Vascular Closure


”Axiostat Vascular with Radial Compression Band helps achieve patent haemostasis with minimal Radial arterial compression and reduces post-procedural complications ”

Innovative combination of Axiostat with the conventional compression bands can be used very efficiently to achieve patent haemostasis with zero arterial occlusions. ... The biologically active Axiostat combined with low pressure by compression band makes it a 2-step simple process of application and removal as compared to conventional multi step application and reduction of pressure in traditional bands for long hours.

Patent Haemostasis

Constant Minimal Pressure on Radial Artery

Effective on Patients with Blood Thinners

Minimal Post Procedure Complications

Intended Use

Radial Interventional Cardiology procedures | Interventional Radiology procedures
Mechanism of Action of Axiostat
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How to Use Axiostat with Radial Compression Band in Vascular Procedures

Available in Sizes: V35: 3.5×3.5cm | V25: 2.5×2.5cm

How to Use

1. Upon completion of procedure withdraw sheath by 2-3cm

2. Place Axiostat V25/V35 on the sheath and cover the puncture site adequately.

3. Place the compression band over Axiostat and inflate the band to 15cc and remove the sheath.

4. After removing the sheath, start deflating the band until a drop of blood appears: about 7 to 8cc and then stop deflating. To ensure a perfect result, re-inflate by 2cc of pressure.

5. Remove the compression band after 60-90 minutes by deflating it fully and check for 5 min for any signs of rebleeding.

6. To remove, Axiostat, irrigate with saline and gently peel it off.



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