Vascular Interventional Bleeding

“ The Axiostat haemostatic pad is novel device to get control of bleeding post sheath removal especially for femoral arterial puncture site. I have used the device successfully in patients undergoing diagnostic and as therapeutic femoral connotation”

“ This is to inform you that we used your product Axiostat in some of our peripheral angiography case, particularly in Antegrade puncture and Calcified vessels. I am very much satisfied with the product and would like to use it in future”

“ I had opportunity of using Axiostat haemostatic pad in the department of cardiology in our hospital for the interventional cardiology procedures. The Axiostat pad is a great help in stopping severe femoral bleeding within minutes of application. It is also observed that by using Axiostat the loss of blood is minimal, thereby saving the time of technicians & Staff. I would recommend use of Axiostat in all interventional procedures”

“This is to certify that i have used one Axiostat in C.H.S on femoral case & is useful to haemostasis”

“Thanks for introducing Axiostat to me. Last week my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital late night for fits and was administered blood thinners. Later around midnight, the IV syringe was removed and she was discharged. On reaching home, we noticed that the puncture of IV syringe was bleeding on top of the cotton and plaster applied at the hospital. We instantly remembered Axiostat and applied it. Bleeding stopped within a minute. It’s a wonderful life saving and proative product that must be there in every household”.

“ We have been given few samples of Axiostat V55 to use in our cath lab, we have been using Axiostat V55 for few patients after the procedure found it very useful in stopping the arterial bleeding. Bleeding was stopped in less than 6 minutes”

Military Trauma Bleeding

“ Myself used Axiostat blood clotting patches in operational area in Baster Dist. of Chattisgarh. I used these pads on several personnel who were injured in IED Blast and witnessed a good result of these pads”

“ Axiostat is a wonderful product which we used during Gunshot wounds and helped to stop bleeding. This product has great scope in battlefields to help in controlling bleeding instantly and save Lives”

“ It is to inform you that the product which was sent to us was experimented by our doctor and found that bleeding stopped within 3 minutes. It is also found that there is not any toxic effect observed while conducting the test and no post applying infection found”.

“This is to inform you that we had procured Axiostat and was sent for election duty. It was used in one of the accidental cases and it worked very well compared to Quikclot. There was no smell and easy to use”

“We have Axiostat dressing in naxal hit areas of Chattisgarh and Odisha while on election duty. Product worked find and we look forward for more procurement in our field kits”.

EMS & Trauma Haemostats

“ We have been using Axiostat Haemostatic dressings in our Emergency medicine department for all actively bleeding external wounds. I have found that it helps to control bleeding quickly and effectively, thus minimizing blood loss and improving the outcome of the patient ’’.

“ Axiostat is product which we used during trauma cases and it has considerably reduced the bleeding per se.Thereby reduced the secondary insult to the patient and maintaining hemodynamic stability by reducing excess blood loss from the wound. I would like to recommend this product in trauma cases for external bleeding control”.

“We have tested Axiostat on couple of patients now. I can inform you that the dressing works very fine, it really controls bleeding in different and anatomically complicated regions. Its great valuae is in immediately stopping bleeing after wound debridement, particularly on patients on anti-coagulants, worse in the case of diabetic patients. This is an advantage which saves us at least one or two days since we immediately can treat the wound. This would be something very handy in vascular surgery”.

“Axiostat is a product which we used during trauma cases, laceration and it has considerably reduced bleeding per se. And reduced the secondary insult to the patient and maintaining hemodynamic stability by reducing excess blood loss. I would like to recommend this product for the use in minor and major trauma.”


“Axiostat final results were good. Your products we have tested in Leg injury, internal bleeding in emergency surgery and in the ambulance. Results are excellent”.

“ Axiostat is a product which we have used in 2 patients, one with index finger injury and another with laceration over foot. In both the cases quick and excellent haemostasis was obtained ”.

“Sorry the delay in response. I wanted to use the samples and see how it works. I have to say I have used it in a number of situations including cut to the head, stab wounds to the limbs and even varicose vein bleeders. Axiostat has stuck to the wound and stops the bleeding very well”.

“Thank you for providing Axiostat – Emergency Haemostatic Dressing” to help save lives during Uttarayan festival. This is to inform you that we had equipped around 50 Traffic Police posts across Ahmedabad city with Axiostat dressing between 12th and 15th January. We have got verified reports from police staff that 22 dressings were used on bleeding victims due to kite injury during uttarayan. The found Axiostat to be very useful in stopping bleeding instantly and saving valuable lives.

“Thank you very much for providing us Axiostat – Emergency Haemostat to evaluate in use in emergency situation. We evaluated Axiostat in 5 emergency cases through our 108-EMRI service in one of the ambulance and it found to be very useful to stop bleeding immediately. These are found satisfactory in handling emergency cases.

“In my experience as a veteran paramedic, one of the biggest challenges in the use of a hemostatic dressing is its removal once definitve care is about to commence. Approach following use of Axiostat is to simply irrigate with saline or water and it guarantees that the clot formed will remain intact”.

Dental Bleeding

“Axiostat, I have used in my patient. Very good coagulating capacity of material, I will use further”

“I have used Axiostat on patient whom i had performed an extraction surgery of a tooth. Axiostat worked very well as it stopped the bleeding post extraction within 20 min. I’m satified with Axiostat”

“ We at Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dental science DDU, Nadiad conducted clinical trial on few patients having antiplatelet drugs used Axiostat Dental Haemostatic dressing D11 for clotting the blood after extraction of tooth. Results were excellent”

“ It is very good product we used for Cardiac patient INR up to 1.5. Product works very well, stops bleeding in few minutes and clotted as per our expectations. Wish to axio all the very best”

“ I had used the Axiostat dental dressing D11, since last 2 years the results are good in hypertensive patients the bleeding from extraction socket stops within 2-3 minutes”

“ I had used Axiostat Dental dressing in a patient with anticoagulant bleeding stopped in 2 min and the product was very satisfactory”

“ We have used Axiostat in multiple patients with difficulty to stop bleeding post extractions. Have had positive & good experience with the product, bleeding does stop effectively”

“ Axiostat – an emergency haemostatic dressing is a quite good as an emergency kit for bleeding control. I have used it in few patients and received satisfactory results. I’m quite satisfied with this product and hopeful to use it more in future”

“Axiostat is a excellent haemostatic agent & I have used after removal of a tooth of diabetic patient and stopped bleeding immediately without post operative complications”.