Humans of Axio

Made In India – To help the world!

Proudly “Made In India.” Axio Biosolutions has been creating, developing and manufacturing in India since its inception. Axiostat, the premier product of the company, is the first Indian haemostat to gain United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approval for selling in associated countries. Axiostat is a unique product that stops bleeding from a puncture…

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Win from Home – Making things happen!

Learn with us Work from home, for Axions, is Win from home! Balancing life and work in the midst of a pandemic can be extremely challenging. The comfort of working from home can seem quite exciting in the beginning but becomes monotonous with time. Interaction with teammates and other colleagues at work, learning new things,…

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Womens Day Celebration At Axio
Celebrating the Women’s Day at Axio

A family is as strong as the mother and the foundation of a country is as stable as its female population. On the occasion of International Women’s day, Axio celebrated all the hardworking female Axions that make amazing things happen at work every day. To kick off the event, a self defence training was organized…

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Cooking at Axio – Tickling our tastebuds!

Who doesn’t love food?!! Well, us Axions do savour every bit that lands on our plates. So, why not put to test our cooking skills and try some yummy experimentation? A no-fire cooking contest was organized at Axio to see who was the most innovative culinary expert of all! All the teams laboured hard to…

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Holi at Axio – Colours of Oneness

“The colours of spring remind us that it is the love and cheer dwelling inside our hearts that makes the world seem beautiful.” Like all other festivities at Axio, Holi is joyfully celebrated every year. Just as we strive to save lives, the festival of Holi brings joy and hope. Axions celebrate Holi every year,…

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World Environment Day – Doing our bit!

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare Nature joins us all in kinship, awakening the humane in us. At Axio, our mission is to save lives. We work hard to do fulfill that, with extensive R&D as well as production. But outside of the laboratories and testing centers, we do our…

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Terrace garden – Fruit of labour!

Leave beautiful footprints wherever you go. The idea of building a terrace garden came up at a meeting where the Axions were brainstorming on ways to beautify the office while being environmentally responsible. The goal was to create a space for everyone to enjoy the peaceful, green terrace view along with a cup of coffee…

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Axio song – The Spirit of Saving Lives

The Axio song rests at the heart of the organization as a portrayal of its values and mission. It was written by Heta Thakar who has been working at Axio Biosolutions for the last two years.  Heta says,  “Axio was the first organization that I joined after completing my education. The work environment felt really…

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