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Work from home, for Axions, is Win from home!

Balancing life and work in the midst of a pandemic can be extremely challenging. The comfort of working from home can seem quite exciting in the beginning but becomes monotonous with time. Interaction with teammates and other colleagues at work, learning new things, and working on new projects boosts up the spirit and makes work interesting.

So, we at Axio, decided to turn this into an opportunity to create great work moments and boost productivity. A bunch of activities was planned out that everybody could easily join from home.

35 learn with us sessions were conducted for the Axions on several interdepartmental topics and COVID 19 related training. 

Specialists from respective departments delivered sessions on subjects like human resources policies, quality testing, regulations on medical devices, and many more for the benefit of all Axions. Knowledge on such a wide range of topics helps break potential silos and makes decision making holistic.


No matter where we are working from, Axions never forget their routine Deskercise!

Working for long hours at our desks at home, couches or perhaps a recliner can stiffen the muscles. A 10 minute easy desk-yoga session everyday, led by one or the other Axion helps everyone to stretch, relax and breathe easy for renewed energy at work!


What’s a better time to get everyone on board for a fun, virtual interactive session with the Founder than when everyone’s winning from home?

The event Townhall put up an open floor for the Axions to ask everything they have always wanted to know about Axio Biosolutions to Leo Mavely, Founder and CEO. Questions regarding the purpose of the organization, future plans, growth were accompanied by a little peek into the personal life of Leo. 3 virtual townhalls were conducted this year which closed a lot of curious inquisitions about the company that we all love.

Internal training

Intra-departmental training sessions offered specialized knowledge for enhanced productivity in specific areas. It has also empowered Axions to foray into new areas within their departments as well as apply new knowledge into their tasks.


Webinars are held on 1 to 1 Help platform – a leading mental wellness partner and are accessible to all Axions. There were healthy discussions conducted on working from home – self care and staying positive. “COVID webinar series:  Coping with Anxiety and Panic” was conducted in keeping with the need of the hour. Few other sessions such as Emotional intelligence have been planned to be conducted in the near future.

Fun Games

At Axio, we never forget to have our share of fun! Virtual games like online dumb charades gave the Axions everyone a good laugh and got competitive veins throbbing excitedly.

Winning from home is easy with the right attitude and support. Teams that work together can make great things happen when spirits run high and each member fits into the space perfectly.


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