Bleeding Control

catheterization laboratory
What happens in a Cath lab?

A Catheterization Laboratory is an examination room at a medical facility. These labs are utilized by interventional cardiologists, nurses, and trained technicians to perform minimally invasive procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac issues.  Diagnostic imaging equipment in cath labs is used to visualize the arteries and the heart and treat abnormalities in the…

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Haemostatic agents- Definition Types and Need
Haemostatic agents : Definition, Types and Need

What is a haemostat? A haemostat is a medical device or dressing used to control bleeding from blood vessels in the body. It is used in surgeries as well as in emergency bleeding control. The word traces roots in the Greek language, wherein “haemo” denotes “blood” and “stat” means “stop”. So, the literal meaning of…

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