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A rush of adrenaline fills you up as your team scores a narrowly chased point. The roar of the crowd adds to your exhilaration. This moment makes all the effort of standing for two hours in a queue to get a hold of front row tickets worth.

Sport, in all its glory, is as much an emotional experience as it is physical. People that play sport, in all capacities, claim it to be an outlet for energy and a way to meet like-minded people. A sports ground is a place of camaraderie, where everybody comes together for the love of the game.

The language of sport is the same across the world, be it in a neighborhood playground, a university stadium, or at a professional sports ground. The pressure of performance teamed up with the conviction of representing something greater than oneself pushes players to stretch their limits on the ground.


Teammates harmonize effortlessly, tired muscles go unnoticed, and shortened breaths last a long time as the spirit of playing for something greater than oneself kicks in.

Bleeding injuries in sports

All kinds of physical sports are inevitably accompanied by a chance of injury. Among others, bleeding injuries are some of the most common incidents that happen on the playing field. Cuts and abrasions can occur due to falls or shoving amongst players. The face, arms, and feet are common points of bleeding injuries in sports.

A cut is a slit or opening on the skin caused by sudden rough contact with a soft skin surface. A laceration is a cut that runs deep and separates connective tissue. An abrasion is a wound caused due to scraping of the skin on the ground or any other rough surface. An avulsion is a serious injury where the tissue is torn away from the body.

Cuts on the chin, tongue, near the browbone, grazing injuries on the elbows, and knees and nosebleeds occur regularly amongst sportspersons. Sometimes, bleeding is also accompanied by severe injuries like breaking of bones or tearing of muscles.

Why are sports injuries bad? 

Although seemingly minor compared to disfiguring injuries, bleeding from puncture sites requires to be stopped as quickly as possible to prevent complications. Open bleeding wounds can be a site of infection, especially if they come in contact with mud, soil, or infected fluids on the playground.

 If the cut is deep, excessive bleeding can pose threat to the life of the player. Capillary bleeding due to abrasion can spread over a wide area of skin and cause pain and discomfort. Uncontrolled arterial and venous bleeding is dangerous and can be the cause of co-morbidities. Nosebleeds are an example of arterial bleeding that can go uncontrolled and even be a sign of brain injury.

 Sometimes an external injury can cause rupture of internal organs and bleeding can go unnoticed. This surfaces much later with a lot of associated complexities.

Immediate first-aid helps stop bleeding to an extent on the sports ground and prevents untoward discomfort to the health of the player. However, uncontrolled bleeding, especially from a laceration, nosebleed, or avulsion, can cause significant trauma, rendering a player unable to perform.

Traditional first aid kits contain cotton bandages that can only stop minor bleeds. In case of excessive bleeding, the player has to be shifted to the emergency care unit of a hospital.

Haemostats are tools that can stop bleeding and help save lives. Axiostat is a natural, bio-polymer-based haemostatic dressing that can stop severe to moderate bleeding within seconds. It kicks off the blood clotting cascade and accelerates the formation of fibrinogen mesh to create the blood clot.

Axiostat is a sterile haemostatic dressing that creates a mechanical barrier at the wound site to allow the formation of the blood clot as well as prevent infection from germs. In addition, it is effective on people that use blood thinners and require a long time for complete blood clotting. Axiostat can be easily cut and folded to adjust according to the size of the cut. Axiostat can prevent undue trauma due to uncontrolled bleeding. It is an essential part of well-equipped first aid and safety kits in all kinds of sports. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using a medical product.

The exhilaration of sportsman spirit is best tasted running free. The next time you are on the sports ground, just play, don’t bleed!


[Disclaimer: Issued in public interest by Axio Biosolutions Private Limited.]

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