Made In India – To help the world!

Proudly “Made In India.”

Axio Biosolutions has been creating, developing and manufacturing in India since its inception. Axiostat, the premier product of the company, is the first Indian haemostat to gain United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approval for selling in associated countries.

Axiostat is a unique product that stops bleeding from a puncture site within minutes of application. Axio Biosolutions proudly supplies this product, designed and manufactured in India, to military units across the country and abroad. It has helped hundreds of soldiers and civilians in the golden hour.

As the country staunchly marches on towards “Aatmanirbharta”, or self-reliance, Axio Biosolutions joins with roots set deep in the notion.

Innovation in science and technology can help a country take long strides towards prosperity. With the tapping of the inherent rich intellectual and resource diversity, India can be catapulted into a new realm of development.

Axio Biosolutions builds products with the goal of making a positive impact on lives. Making life-saving products available to people at affordable prices empowers all stakeholders in the ecosystem. To make in India is to instill faith in millions of minds that we can step forward towards a bright future when we hold strong together.

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