Holi at Axio – Colours of Oneness

“The colours of spring remind us that it is the love and cheer dwelling inside our hearts that makes the world seem beautiful.”

Like all other festivities at Axio, Holi is joyfully celebrated every year.

Just as we strive to save lives, the festival of Holi brings joy and hope. Axions celebrate Holi every year, helping spread the cheer with those around.

Colourful dance parties and delicious food stand as the signature in all our celebrations! We make sure to use environmentally friendly colours that are safe for the skin. Most of the time, Holi is a family event where all spouses and kids of the Axions join the festivities.

The colour filled event uplifts the spirit of the Axions who love the break into their special dance moves at every chance that comes their way!

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