Candlelight tribute: Salute to Front-line Medical Professionals

At Axio, our ultimate mission is to build products that save lives.

The global COVID -19 crisis has claimed millions of lives across the globe. While we all do our bit by staying at home, the frontline workers risk their lives every day to treat those in need. Doctors and nurses all over the world fight day and night to keep the virus at bay. Many have lost their lives, while striving to help others that are suffering.

With everyone working from home due to the nationwide lockdown, Axions took some time out of their task schedules to take part in a candlelight tribute. We all got together, in front of our screens, to share our feelings and experiences regarding the emergent pandemic. Stories about friends and family members that are fighting at the frontlines as doctors, nurses and health workers were shared.

Along with the physical risk of being in constant proximity of the virus, medical professionals also dutifully tackle the fear and emotional burden faced by the patients and family members. The sight of seeing hundreds of deaths every day, especially of patients grieving to see their families, takes a huge toll on the frontline fighters.

Losing medical professionals to the fight against coronavirus has been a great loss for the nations of the world. Paying respect to those heroes, we pledged to keep moving forward with the values and mission of our organization.

We pay tribute to tribute to all doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff who laid their lives fighting COVID 19. You are true warriors and we owe you for keeping us safe.

        Team Axions

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