Axio song – The Spirit of Saving Lives

The Axio song rests at the heart of the organization as a portrayal of its values and mission. It was written by Heta Thakar who has been working at Axio Biosolutions for the last two years. 

Heta says, 

“Axio was the first organization that I joined after completing my education. The work environment felt really good. I fit in quickly and have been a happy Axion ever since! 

But what really impacted me was the cause that Axio stands for.

Saving lives holds as the mission of Axio. Every day, we are inspired to work for this cause in every way deemed possible. Be it research, product building, or quality testing, all of us work together to deliver our best because we understand that the results are going to affect millions of lives across the globe.

I proudly tell my friends and family about how our products are helping people and how our organization is making great strides in the healthcare sector. By addressing critical issues like diabetic foot ulcers, trauma and hygiene, Axio has forayed into multiple critical healthcare needs with the potential to serve even greater concerns in the future.

 As the 12th birthday of Axio was approaching, the idea to write a song struck us during one of the brainstorming sessions for planning the celebrations. I wrote the lyrics and suggested the tune, after which many of my fellow Axions sang in the video for the song. Since the birthday celebrations were virtual due to the COVID19 nationwide lockdown, the song was a great hit that lifted up spirits, reminding us of the noble purpose that Axio stands for.”

Like Heta, all Axions today happily hum the catchy tune of the Axio song while working hard to save lives.

“We all came together 

For the purpose that is very humane,

We take pride in who we are,

Together, we are one voice

We are one, we are Axion.


No one will lose life now,

because of blood-loss

Wounds will not take too long to heal

We are passionate, we are ready,


We are hard on the wounds and

don’t let them last,

Saving lives at the borders is our duty

We have done an incredible task,

We have built a new example

We take pride in who we are

Together, we are one voice

We are one, we are Axion.”

[Heta Thakar is a Research Associate at Axio Biosolutions and holds an M.S. (Pharm) degree in Medical Devices. She can be reached on LinkedIn for queries and discussion.]

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