Ten Reasons to Join Axio

1. Touch a Billion Lives

Everything you do at Axio directly affects how we are able to provide our innovative advanced wound care solutions to people in more than 25 countries, and growing. Every single thing you do at Axio bears a healing touch.

2. Career Without Boundaries

At Axio, you are never bound by your role or your division. If you are in Regulatory team and you have a great design idea, we will make sure that it gets incorporated. Our teams are entrepreneurial and never stop learning from each other, and with each other. We will empower you to forge a career that leverages your unique interests, talents, and goals.

3. Learning Everywhere & Anywhere

We are growing extremely fast and everyday we see new avenues opening up for employees to contribute to the organisation’s growth and gain massive learnings and invaluable experience. Brace yourself, for our culture is going to empower you to achieve beyond all your personal and professional goals.

4. People First

People’s wellbeing at Axio is a priority. Axio is built on a culture of radical transparency and a free exchange of ideas, and respect for diversity in all its forms is one of the defining values here.

5. Never a Dull Day

From Axio Talks and Hackathons to cricket matches and skill building workshops, Axions do it all. There’s never a dull day in office. You will work hard and play harder. We identify that there’s a positive correlation between the two and push you for action.

6. Driven to Innovate

You will always work with the best tools, resources and minds on big worthy 0 → 1 opportunities to make a dent in the medtech industry. You will join a bunch of hungry innovators who fail fast and learn faster.

7. Be Inspired

The diversity of Axions and their eclectic interests ensures that you are forever inspired to push the envelope and reach beyond your comfort zone.

8. Not a Funambulist

You will work AND you will have a fun life. At Axio, we don’t do “either”, “or”, it’s AND.

9. Our Values

We value team-spirit, honesty, boldness, modesty and a vision to make an impact. If you share these values, you will not just excel, you will thrive at Axio.

10. Forever in Beta

It’s always Day 1 in here at Axio. We are always doing, experimenting, and always improving.

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