Wound Healing Diet: Essential Nutrition for Faster Healing


Food is fuel for the body.

It helps replenish the body by providing nourishment, building up strength, and forming new cells to replace old ones. People having chronic wounds must take special care of their diet to supplement essential nutrients to the wound site.

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in significant cut back on professional wound care delivery. For patients having non-healing and heavily exudating open wounds, it is riskier to travel to wound care clinics because of the chances of catching an infection.

Home wound care services are fairly effective, but also require considerable effort in terms of diet and hygiene. A wound healing diet chart prepared in consultation with a doctor is an essential accompaniment to wound dressing management.


What supplements can help wounds heal faster?

A balanced diet is vital for healing open wounds. Proteins, vitamins, and leafy vegetables form an essential part of a wound healing diet.

The following is a basic guide to serving up a healthy meal to aid wound healing at home–

Green leafy vegetables 

Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, bok choy, and mustard greens are superfoods for wound healing. They contain Vitamin K, a substance that speeds up the blood clotting. It also assists in the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals, fibroblasts, and blood vessels in the body. This results in faster natural wound healing.

Kale is rich in calcium which accelerates the supply of anti-inflammatory cells to the wound site and the production of new cells. Spinach and parsley are rich in Zinc, a substance that speeds up the epithelialization of the wound. Magnesium present in greens helps in defending against infection from germs.

A research study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology reveals that, when compared to patients that depend on the naturally occurring Vitamin K present in the blood, those that took added supplements for the same showed faster wound healing during the period of the test.

One cup of green vegetables is recommended to be consumed twice every day to promote wound healing.




Protein quickens the closing of open surfaces which translates into faster healing of open wounds. This is because proteins help to carry oxygen in the blood to different places in the body, which in turn aids wound healing. A continuous supply of fresh oxygen to the wound site is essential to accelerate the epithelialization process. Protein also helps repair damaged tissues.

Poultry, cheese, eggs, fish, and milk are excellent sources of natural protein. In addition to providing support to the skin, protein also adds to bone health, thereby increasing the strength of the skeletal system.

For people that are lactose intolerant, tofu is an excellent replacement for cow or buffalo milk. It is made up of soy and has plenty of nutrients in addition to protein.

Vitamins A and C

Most fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins that help in rebuilding damaged tissue.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and helps in the synthesis of collagen, an essential substance that makes up the outer surface of the skin. It has anti-oxidant properties and protects the skin from damage from exposure to free radicals found in common chemicals and sunlight.

Vitamin A supports the immune system and protects against infection. Heavily exudating open wounds are especially prone to infection from aerial microbes. Specific, prescribed doses of Vitamin A consumed daily can prevent complications from germ infection and help open wounds heal faster.

Common sources of Vitamin C and A include carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, strawberries, and citrus fruit like oranges. 

To promote faster healing of wounds and protection from infection, it is essential to consume healthy, nutritious meals. It is always advisable to consult a certified dietician regarding the specific needs of the patient.

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