Why is Alcohol content in Your Hand Sanitizer Important?

There are 4 main types of hand sanitizers

 As people across the globe are peeping out of their homes and making plans to step out into the new normal, health, and safety in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic is of primary concern. The government and health authorities recommend travel only for essential purposes.

But how do you keep yourself safe when you have to travel to drop off essentials for someone that cannot step outside of the home, go to the supermarket or visit the bank?

Carrying a sanitization kit in your car at all times is absolutely essential. A basic kit would include a bottle of hand sanitizer, clean face masks (disposable or reusable), sanitizer wipes, and a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser or car sanitizer spray.

Alcohol based sanitizers with 60% to 90% alcohol by volume are the best recommended for effective disinfection. However, it is not suggested that you leave your travel sized hand rub in the car for a long period of time indirect exposure to the sun, and high temperatures.

1.  Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers:

Many researches conducted by healthcare centres have shown that alcohol-free hand sanitisers are not effective in killing various kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses. They are way less effective than alcohol based hand sanitisers

2. Hand sanitisers with less than 60% alcohol

If the purpose of using hand sanitizer is to kill various germs, then hand sanitisers with less than 60% alcohol do not meet it. They may reduce the growth of some germs, but may not necessarily kill them.

3. Hand sanitisers with 60 - 90% alcohol 

Hand sanitisers with 60-90% alcohol content are said to be the golden standard based on the level required to kill germs on hands. They disrupt the outer membranes or envelopes of germs, thereby killing them. 60-90% IPA solutions penetrate the cell wall completely which permeates the entire cell, coagulates the proteins and this the micro organism dies

4. Hand sanitisers with more than 90% alcohol 

Hand sanitisers with alcohol content which is around 95% are less potent as proteins are not denatured easily in absence of enough water.

Disclaimer: Issued in public interest by Axio Biosolutions Private Limited. Kindly check the official guidance on WHO for more information on infection prevention and control of covid-19.

Source: cdc.gov

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