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Venous Leg Ulcer Treatment: 6 steps to Wound Care at Home

How do venous leg ulcers develop? Open wounds occurring due to venous insufficiency require specialized medical attention to aid wound healing as well as for everyday care. Venous leg ulcers are diagnosed in more than 1% of the global adult population each year. They mostly affect the elderly and can cause significant health complications if…

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Wound Care Essentials during COVID -19 : Alternate Care

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected lives across the globe in ways previously unimagined. For healthcare facilities and providers, COVID 19 patient care has been of top priority since the outbreak started. This has led to many other essential services like wound care being affected. Wound management is extremely crucial for patients having chronic, heavily exudating…

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Pressure ulcer prevention : 6 easy ways to good health

Pressure ulcers, or commonly known as bedsores, is a condition that affects millions of people globally every year. It is caused by reduced blood flow to the skin, marked by discoloration or open wounds. People that spend long hours without movement, like, patients lying in a certain position for extended periods are the most prone to pressure…

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4 Common Wound Care Myths Busted

Taking proper care of wounds is essential for healing and overall health. Wounds can turn in to grounds for infection, if not attended to following a specialists’ instructions. Regardless of the location or depth of the cut, there may arise complications owing to co-morbidities of the patient. Wound care at home has now taken a…

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Diabetic wounds: Facts, Figures and Prevention

Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle disorders affecting about 26 million people worldwide every year. Inactivity and unhealthy eating habits are some common causes of diabetes, in addition to the few rare cases of heredity. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels for prolonged periods can lead to other issues in the body like neuropathy…

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Wound Care at Home: Healing Open Wounds

Formal wound care plays a crucial part in the treatment of chronic wounds. However, the global COVID-19 crisis has caused a disruption in the accessibility to wound care services. Lack of access to regular services like home wound care has led to patients suffering from pain and discomfort. Patients that live at large distances from…

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Diabetic foot care at home: Guidelines for Treatment

Diabetic foot is a common auxiliary affecting people with high blood sugar. If you have diabetes, then it is essential to take measures to prevent adverse effects on your limbs. High levels of sugar in the blood damages the nerves and blood vessels. This is called Diabetic Neuropathy. It causes loss of sensation on the…

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Wound Healing Diet: Essential Nutrition for Faster Healing

Food is fuel for the body. It helps replenish the body by providing nourishment, building up strength, and forming new cells to replace old ones. People having chronic wounds must take special care of their diet to supplement essential nutrients to the wound site. The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in significant cut back on…

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Wound care in OPDs or wound care clinics during COVID-19

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and related issues, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for health care centers regarding preparedness and responsiveness around the community spread of corona virus. They include outlining the major actions to be taken, such as, deployment of comprehensive staff training postponement and rescheduling of non-urgent hospital appointments and…

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