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Complete Wound Management For Pets

SureKlot is a range of bleeding control and wound recovery products for all animals like dogs, cats, horses, cows, and more. SureKlot products contain chitosan, a biomaterial that has haemostatic and wound healing properties. SureKlot products are efficient non-toxic and biocompatible. Our product range includes rapid action Wound Spray, Wound Powder, Gauze and a Patch for controlling severe bleeding for veterinary.  

SureKlot is a complete haemostatic first aid solution for animals to stop mild to severe bleeding instantly and is available in both, patch and powder form. SureKlot is made up of 100% Chitosan and works on unique mechanism which is based on Mucoadhesion to blood and tissues and is non-toxic in nature. This has been proven to be more efficient and faster than conventional dressings and can be removed painlessly with saline or water.

veterinary products for dogs, cats, horses

Stop-Bleeding Dressings

Controls Bleeding from Cuts & Bruises | Arterial & Venous Bleeding | Severe Injuries

Rapid Wound Recovery

Painless Easy Removal

Available Sizes

SK44 (4x4cm)

SK54 (5x4cm)

SK84 (8x4cm)

SK87 (8x7cm)

SK750 (7.6x50cm)

sureklot veterinary products in india

Rapid Action Wound Powder

Controls Bleeding

Rapid Wound Recovery

For Open Cuts | Surface Wounds | Granulated  Tissue | Proud Flesh & Capillary Bleeding

SKVP10 (10ml Vial)

veterinary powder for dogs, cats, horse

SKVP10 (10ml Vial)

Rapid Action Wound Spray

Rapid Wound Healing

Wound Cleansing | Rinsing & Disinfection

For Infected Wounds | Abscesses | Bite Wounds | Surgical Wounds & Cuts

SKVS100 (100ml)

veterinary wound spray for pets dogs cats

How does SureKlot work?

Recommended for

Patch/Gauze: Controls Bleeding from Cuts & Bruises | Arterial & Venous Bleeding | Severe Injuries

Powder: For Open Cuts | Surface Wounds | Granulated  Tissue | Proud Flesh & Capillary Bleeding

Spray: For Infected Wounds | Abscesses | Bite Wounds | Surgical Wounds & Cuts


TechnologyProtonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT™)
MechanismMucoadhesion due to charge
  • Patch/Gauze – Sponge, Natural Polymer
  • Powder – Porous Macroparticles
  • Spray – Biopolymeric Solution
FlexibilityVery flexible, active on all sides
SterilitySterilized using Gamma irradiation
Shelf Life5 Years
RemovalIrrigate with Saline/Water
Side EffectsNone

How to use SureKlot?


  1. Tear open the pack, apply SureKlot on the bleeding wound and give  pressure until it sticks
  2. To remove, Irrigate SureKlot with  plenty of water or saline and gently peel it off
Patch for Moderate to Severe Bleeding.
Gauze for Minor Bleeding & Wound Management


  1. Peel open the pouch and take the powder vial
  2. Pour the powder on the wound and apply pressure if the wound is bleeding
  3. Apply secondary dressing if required
  4. To remove, irrigate with plenty of saline/water

SureKlot Powder for Rapid Wound Recovery


  1. Flush the wound with an ample amount of SureKlot spray for cleansing and rinsing.
  2. For heavily contaminated wounds, cover the wound with SureKlot spray for 10-15 minutes
    * For best results, use along with Sureklot powder and Sureklot gauze

SureKlot Spray for Wound Cleansing, Moisturising & Decontamination


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