Sequestration Test of 100% Wound Care Dressing


The color sequestration test of chitosan wound dressing presented here shows the property of the chitosan fibers to lock-in the absorbed fluid within their chains.

  1. When the dressing is dipped in the colored solution, it rapidly turns into a gel and traps the color.
  2. The same dressing, when sequentially dipped in different colored solutions, shows a clear demarcation between the hydrated part with different colors and the dry part.
  3. The colors do not spread outside the defined stripes clearly indicating the extensive fluid retention capacity of the fibers.
  4. Finally, when the dressing is dipped in water, the water remains clear showing that the trapped colors aren’t released. When this wound dressing is used on highly exudating wounds, it sequesters the fluid and the cells and bacteria present in it, thereby trapping them. Its fluid retention, prevents wound maceration, keeping the wound clean and sufficiently moist. This creates a suitable environment for the wounds to heal.

Exudate Absorption & Locking

Lateral wicking of exudate from dressing may lead to leakage and maceration of surrounding skin. MaxioCel reduces the risk of maceration and leakage due to its unique vertical wicking properties. It can easily hold the absorbed wound exudates for a longer period of time without spreading throughout the surrounding area.

  • Fluid absorption capacity: 30 times the weight of dressing
  • Once absorbed the exudate is locked within the fibers of the dressing
  • The gelling fibers prevent wicking of exudate into surrounding skin

Dispersion Test & Wet Strength

Wet strength of Maxiocel is around 3 times greater than the traditional gelling fiber dressing. Its outstanding strength makes it

  • Intact during dressing change for a longer time
  • Painless easy removal from the wound surface

Dispersion Test & Wet Strength

SEM images of MaxioCel shows the mesh structure of chitosan fibers

Barrier to Bacteria Test

Sterile cotton gauze (Control)

MaxioCel (Test Sample)

MaxioCel chitosan wound dressing has the barrier to bacteria property and prevents the entry of microorganisms through its surface to the other side.

Antimicrobial Efficacy

Sterile Cotton Gauze

Maxiocel (Test Sample)

The area underneath the MaxioCel dressing, showing no growth of micro organisms due to antimicrobial property of chitosan.

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