MaxioCel in the management of malignant fungating wounds

Accelerating the Chronic Wound Healing Process

A Clinical Case Series: Evaluation of a Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) Dressing

A Ten-Patient Case Study Series on the Impact of a 100% Chitosan-Based Dressing

A Transformative Wound Management Approach with BMG™ Technology

Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) Technology in the Management of Lower Limb Ulcers

Bioactive Microfibre Gelling™ (BMG) Technology: In Vitro Testing of this New Innovative

Working in Partnership with the Nursing Home Sector to Facilitate Improved Wound

Ten-Patient Case Study Series Across an Integrated Care Board

Introducing an Innovative Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG) Technology

Accelerating Wound Healing in Chronic Wound and Post Surgical Wound

Expediting Wound Healing in Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients

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