EuroPCR 2023

by PCR
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The cardiology community is back in Paris as we come together for EuroPCR and we are excited to bring the latest innovations and techniques in bleeding control with our next generation vascular closure device – Axiostat.

The Axiostat vascular is proven to be effective on such patients at high risk of uncontrolled bleeding due to the anti-coagulants during sheath removal with quick hemostasis. Axiostat Vascular can be used in both femoral and radial procedures, helps in preserving the artery and maintaining arterial patency.
Also, Axiostat has worked effectively on PCI, Angiogram, VCD, and various other cases on both Pediatric and adult patients.
If you are looking for a closure technique that allows you to reduce the compression times and occlusion rates then get ready to meet our expert team at EuroPCR 2023

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