Defence East Tech - India 2023

Defence East Tech – India 2023

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“Saving Lives in Critical Moments: Axiostat – Your Lifeline in Combat and Emergencies”

Uncontrolled bleeding, or haemorrhage, is the leading cause of battlefield fatalities, particularly when medical care is delayed. Haemorrhage can result from injuries like gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds, and blast injuries, leading to shock, organ failure, and death. Military forces are trained rigorously in advanced medical interventions, including the use of tourniquets and haemostat dressings, to combat this grave issue. At the Defence Technology Exhibition 2023, we delve into cutting-edge solutions to address this concern, aligning with India’s quest for self-reliance in defence.

In the midst of chaos, Axiostat emerges as the ultimate lifesaver. Uncontrolled bleeding is a dire threat, not only on the battlefield but also during emergencies like disasters and accidents. Axiostat, fortified with Protonated Bio adhesive Technology (PBT®), is the frontline defence against trauma bleeding. Trusted by elite military units worldwide, Axiostat stands as the pinnacle of haemostat technology, saving lives within the critical “Golden Hour.” 

Discover more about our military offerings and how Axiostat makes a difference in emergency combat situations at



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2023-10-10 @ 10:00 AM (IST) to
2023-10-11 @ 06:00 PM (IST)

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