Haemostatic Gauze

80% of battlefield deaths due to uncontrolled bleeding are preventable

Axiostat Z-fold Haemostatic Gauze is used for external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds. It is a highly effective Z-Fold dressing that is proven to stop uncontrolled hemorrhage in the battlefield. ... Z-fold packaging configuration allows controlled application as a complete unit or in a continuous linear feed and is easy to fit in both individual first aid kits and medic kits.

Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze
Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze
Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze

REF: L300

Size: 7.6 x 300cm

Weight: 32g

Can be cut and packed into deep wounds

5 Years Shelf-Life

Axiostat Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze assures the highest survival rates on the battlefield and the convenient Z - format of the dressing ensures low blood loss by conforming to the injury site.

The Hemostat
you can trust


Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze


powered by PBT™ (Protonated Bioadhesive Technology)

powered by PBT™
(Protonated Bioadhesive Technology)

  • Works on unique mucoadhesion with Blood & Tissues
  • Stops Heparinized & Hypothermic bleeding
  • Stops Moderate to Severe bleeding within minutes of application
  • Works independently of body’s natural clotting mechanism
  • Positively charged Axiostat attracts negatively charged blood to form a strong and stable clot
Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze


  • Natural Biomaterial – 100% Chitosan from pure grade crustaceans
  • Non absorbable, Non Woven Dressing
  • Non exothermic, No Allergies reported till date
  • Latex Free


  • Ultra-Compact Low-cube & Lightweight vacuum sealed pack.
  • Quick Access: Four tear notches for faster usage
  • Compact and Rugged packaging
  • Easy to fit in both individual first aid kits and medic kits.

How to Use

Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze

Remove excess blood, locate the source of bleeding, pack the wound with Axiostat Z-Fold Gauze to stop the blood flow, by applying constant pressure.

Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze
Discard any excess gauze and apply continuous pressure for 3 minutes until the bleeding stops. Do not remove the Axiostat Z-Fold Gauze to check if the bleeding has stopped. Use a secondary dressing around the injury site to secure the gauze in a single place and to prevent further contamination of the wound.
Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze

To Remove:
Unwrap the secondary dressing, irrigate the Axiostat Z-Fold Gauze with plenty of saline and gently remove the gauze from the wound.

Clinical Study on Trauma Patients

Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze
Military Haemostatic Rolled Gauze