Bleeding Control during

Haemodialysis Procedures

Axiostat Dialysis is powered with Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®) which stops bleeding after removal of needle in haemodialysis procedures providing an anti-microbial barrier ... and reduction in catheter related infections also helping in preservation of fistula.

Axiostat HemoDialysis

Stops Moderate to Severe Bleeding Instantly

Axiostat HemoDialysis

No Numbness, No Pain, No allergies or infection

Axiostat HemoDialysis

Effective on patients on multiple anticoagulants

Axiostat HemoDialysis

Ease of Application & Painless Removal

Intended Use

CVC Procedure | Haemodialysis | Intravenous Catheters | Arterial/Central line removal
Mechanism of Action of Axiostat
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Specification & Sizes

TechnologyCharge based Protonated
Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®)
MechanismMucoadhesion due to charge
TypeSponge, natural polymer –
FlexibilityVery flexible,active on all sides
SterilitySterilized using Gamma
Shelf Life5 Years
RemovalIrrigate with Saline/Water
Side EffectsNone

Sizes: N22: 2×2 cm | V35: 3.5×3.5cm

How to Use

Axiostat dialysis haemostatic dressing

1. Place Axiostat along with the gauze after removal of catheter tip

Axiostat Haemostatic dialysis dressing - How to use

2. Apply deep uniform pressure over it for 1 minute

Axiostat dialysis dressing with Tourniquet

3. Apply a tourniquet over the gauze to keep Axiostat in position

Axiostat dialysis dressing Removal

4. To remove, irrigate with water/ saline (Room Temp.) and gently peel it off