Surgical & N95 Face Mask

Resist+ Face Mask comes in two variants, one with 3 layer protection surgical mask, suitable for surgery, for people with allergies, at hospitals and at home in general. and the other one is N95 Re-usable Mask which is anti-fogging, sweat-resistant and reusable mask , ideal for providing the maximum of protection by filtering particulate matter of size 2.5 microns or less.

3 PLY Surgical Face Mask

With 3 PLY Protection

Resist+ Surgical Mask is a disposable mask that provides three times the protection with its three-layered filtration system. Its layers are able to  filter larger, smaller particles  and provides further protection by filtering any other particles that might have seemingly escaped. It has a BFE>95%.

Available in Pack of 5

N95 Face Mask

Anti-fogging, Sweat Resistant

RESIST+ N95 mask comes equipped with 5 highly efficient layers, that are designed to protect you from every infection and microbe. It is also reusable, latex free, non-fogging, sweat resistant and is adjustable with a head strap to lock your elastic ear loops.
Available in Pack of 3

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