Sanitizing Wipes Alochol & BNZL based

Resist+ Sanitizing Wipes comes in two variants, one with 63% IPA, suitable for disinfecting high bioburden surfaces and the other one with 0% Alcohol, ideal for disinfection of hands as well as less bio burden surfaces

Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes

63% IPA

RESIST+ Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes is highly effective in decontaminating high-touch surfaces in busy and high-risk settings such as hospitals and clinics. It aids in instant disinfection with 99.9% germ kill efficacy.

Available in Pack of 25 | Pack of 5
(individually packed)

Germ Protection Wipes

0% Alcohol

RESIST+ Germ Protection Wipes are formulated with skin-friendly pH levels and are completely alcohol-free. Enriched with Vitamin E, this multi-purpose wipes disinfect and moisturize your skin as well as keeping the surfaces germ-free.

Available in Pack of 72

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