Antimicrobial Handwash & Soap

Resist+ Antimicrobial Hand Wash and Soaps are formulated to keep yourselves protected from harmful germs and to keep your skin hydrated. The product range consists of long-lasting Fresh Aqua and Lemongrass fragrance to keep you refreshed.

Antimicrobial Hand Wash

Fresh Aqua/Lemongrass

RESIST+ Antimicrobial Hand Wash is crafted to be gentle and soothing for your hands. With 99.9% germ kill efficacy and long-lasting fragrances, it will keep your hands protected and hydrated.

Available in 250ml | 1L Refill

Antimicrobial Soap

Fresh Aqua/Lemongrass

RESIST+ Antimicrobial Soaps are free from SLS, Triclosan, and parabens and keeps your skin smoother, softer, and healthier. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to hold natural skin moisture

Available in 100g

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