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We use our hands to carry out most day-to-day activities, both in and outside the home. But rarely do we realize that our hands are also the primary agents of harmful germ transmission

The common, exposed surfaces that we touch every day contain millions of harmful bacteria and viruses. Germs enter our bodies when we touch our mouth, eyes, or food immediately after touching an affected surface. Not everything that can cause diseases is visible to the eye.  Most of the microbes are invisible and remain on the skin for a long time if not disinfected.  

To that end, the hands must be taken special care of to prevent the spread of diseases

How do you make sure your hands are sanitized without suffering the harmful effects of harsh chemicals?

RESIST+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer is made up of powerful and active germ killing formula containing 70% Ethanol (by volume). 

It is a highly effective and skin-friendly hand sanitizer made in India using WHO recommended formula for 99.99% germ killing. 

RESIST+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer kills harmful germs instantly and gives immediate protection from illnesses.


1. It is safe for repeated use on the skin on a daily basis.

This ethanol based hand sanitizer is safe for use on skin without any kind of side effects like rashes. It is recommended for every day sanitization use at home as well as while running errands in crowded places. 

Alcohol based hand sanitizers should be applied on the palms and between the fingers before touching food or other personal consumables to prevent the spread of germs through direct contact. 

2. Pure liquid, gel-free, quick-drying consistency 

The product dries up within seconds of applying without leaving any residue, so you do not have to wipe out any excess liquid with a towel. Thus it is very convenient for prompt use, especially while switching between tasks at home.

The product is ready-to-use from the bottle and does not require water.

3. Non-fragrant and non-sticky liquid

 Resist+ Ethanol hand sanitizer is a hospital grade product without any marked fragrance. It is suitable for use for all, especially for people that experience discomfort from fragrance. 

The product is a non-sticky fluid for hassle-free frequent use. You do not need to rinse your hands with water after applying.

4.You can personalize it with your name on the label and never lose it!

We often tend to get bottles of hand sanitizer mixed up with those belonging to others, especially when sharing common resources like a work table or storage cabinets. This can increase the risk of infection through direct contact of skin with germs on the surface.

The Resist+ Ethanol Hand sanitizer carry-along bottle comes with space for you to write your name in and personalize. Now, you do not have to worry about getting your bottle mixed up with your colleague’s, taking germ protection up to the next level!

Gift a pack to your friends and family and share the advantage and protection of Resist+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer.

5.WHO and USFDA recommended formulation for safety in everyday usage. 

Guidelines issued by health authorities recommend 60% to 95% alcohol (by volume) in hand sanitizers for effective germ eradication. The use of methanol in hand sanitizers is banned as it is known to have bad effects on human health.

Methanol is used in a small percentage with ethanol as a denaturation agent. However, methanol can be absorbed through the skin and enter the tissues and bloodstream. Prolonged absorption of methanol into the body can create side effects like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, muscular non-coordination, and even death. This is called methanol poisoning.

Resist+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer is a methanol free hand sanitizer that protects you from deadly germs without the dangers of methanol toxicity.

6.The product is easy to carry for on-the-go protection.

Resist+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer comes in both pocket-sized and spray bottles. It is convenient to store in your office bag, travel bag, or car so that a bottle is always within reach. The spray bottle is child friendly and spill-free to help avoid spillage accidents.

7.Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties

RESIST+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer denatures the protein on the viral envelopes and bacterial cell membranes and kills the germ effectively. It protects against most disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including coronavirus, transferred through direct contact from an infected person or external source. 

This product can be used for daily activities at home and non-crowded public spaces.

Directions for use –

Follow WHO recommended step-wise guide for effective application on hands.

Step 1: Take sufficient amount of Resist+ Ethanol Hand Sanitizer on your palm. Make sure that the amount taken covers the area you need to sanitize.

Step 2: Rub briskly over the palm and the back of the hand. Apply between the fingers and on the nails.

Step 3: You can touch food and personal consumables after the product dries off. There is no need to wash the area of application with soap and water.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are effective for killing disease causing germs when there is no visible dirt on the skin. In case of specific queries, please consult your doctor before use.

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Disclaimer: Issued in public interest by Axio Biosolutions Private Limited. Kindly check the official guidance on WHO for more information on infection prevention and control of COVID-19.


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