Disinfectant wipes: 5 Ways To Sanitize To Be Safe On-the-go!

The global COVID-19 crisis has led to supermarket shelves being filled, now more than ever, with disinfection and sanitization products. Each one boasts a unique benefit useful fit for a particular need. For example, sprays and liquids offer daily deep cleaning benefits. Soaps and detergents remove visible dirt.

But what should you choose if you want a quick and effective disinfectant that is easy to store and use while on-the-go?

Disinfectant wipes are perfect for travel, office, college, and home use for quick disinfection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of alcohol-based disinfection wipes for effective cleaning of high touch surfaces in common spaces. Typical alcohols used are Ethanol and Isopropanol (IPA).

Disinfectant wipes containing at least 60% alcohol (by volume) are useful for thorough cleaning. 

How do alcohol-based disinfectant wipes work?

A 2019 study published in the Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control Journal states that disinfectant wipes kill the microbes and remove them from the surface by the mechanical action of the wiping. The alcohol in the product breaks down the protein membrane of the germs necessary for survival, thereby destroying the germ cells.

The efficacy of alcohol-based disinfectant wipes also depends on the concentration of alcohol present in them. Ideally, a concentration of 60% to 95% alcohol (by volume) is the best for disinfectant wipes for killing coronavirus and other disease-causing germs.

Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes are known to have good anti-microbial activity and can be used in multiple scenarios involving low and high-touch surfaces as well as medical equipment.

5 Uses Of Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

With the myriad of disinfection products available, it may be difficult to decide the appropriate use for each. Listed below are 5 ways you can use alcohol-based wipes for removing germs from common surfaces.

1. Disinfectant wipes for electronics

Common household and personal electronic items constitute high touch surface objects at home. These are the sources of millions of deadly disease-causing germs.

We often miss out on thoroughly disinfecting these objects in our daily cleaning routines. The danger lies in the fact that we usually carry them along with us while at home or even outside. This increases the risk of entry of germs into the body through the mouth or infecting the eyes.

Mobile phones, tablets, remote controls, laptops, televisions, fridges, ovens, etc. are common household electronics that need disinfecting every day. Disinfectant wipes are great for brisk, daily cleaning. They are especially useful if you usually have lots of work on schedule and disinfecting takes a back seat.

Using disinfectant wipes for keyboards and touch-enabled screens keep you safe from germ infection through direct contact with skin. It is useful to always keep a pack of alcohol-based wipes handy for quick home disinfection.

2. Disinfection wipes for office space

Keeping homes and personal vehicles disinfected is not enough when it comes to complete protection from disease-causing germs. Since a lot of people enter office spaces every day,  these places harbor millions of germs that you can unconsciously carry back home. 

High touch surfaces like door handles and knobs, desks, computers, meeting rooms, chairs, and tables are common sources of germs.

Brisk, regular wiping with alcohol-based wipes can significantly decrease the risk of microbial infection and make the office safe for all those that work. Hospital-grade disinfectant wipes are cost-effective for regular use as well as useful for killing deadly germs.

3. Disinfection wipes for Hospitals

With a multitude of patients and visitors coming in every day, medical centers serve as hotspots for microbial infection. 

Deep cleaning with hospital grade surface disinfectants is done to prevent the spread of diseases. However, in the interest of time and resources, alcohol-based disinfectant wipes can be used to clean common high touch surfaces like working surfaces and medicine storage areas.

Disinfectant wipes clean quickly and require lesser resources without compromising on the anti-microbial efficacy.

Operating tables, examination tables, stretchers, dressing carts, and medicine cabinets in hospitals, and dentists’ clinics can be disinfected promptly using alcohol-based wipes. They can also be used to disinfect ambulances, critical care transport, or mobile care units.

4. Disinfectant wipes for car interiors 

If you use your personal vehicle to go to work or run errands, there are high chances that a lot of microbes accumulate in the interiors of the vehicle every day.

  • Disinfection using liquids cannot be done every day since it requires you to take time out from a busy schedule.
  • Kids often spill food or keep toys lying around in the care, increasing the risk of infection through contact through skin and mouth.
  • Laptops, tablets, and other electronics are also kept in the car are we move around for work.
  • Carrying groceries in the care back to home can contaminate the packaging with germs in the air and surfaces. 

Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes are the best for the daily sanitization of car interiors and to keep you and your family safe from germs. 

Disinfectant wipes can be easily stored in the car. The recommended usage is a quick wipe of the interiors and car door handles once a day, either when you start out or at the end of the day.

5. Disinfectant wipes for restaurants and cafeterias

With the increasing demand for tables and customer orders at your eatery, maintaining optimum levels of service delivery can be difficult due to time constraints. Quick disinfection of tables and chairs can be difficult during peak hours when there is a line of customers waiting for service.

Alcohol-based disinfection wipes can be used to quickly wipe off user surfaces and reduce the delay in seating a new customer. Disinfecting with a hospital-grade wipe can help prevent the spread of germs in crowded places.

Visible and effective cleaning can make your customers feel safe and comfortable for repeated visits.

Disinfectant wipes can also be used to clean other spaces in restaurants and cafeterias like the billing countertop, windows, handles and rails, kitchen, and working surfaces.

Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes are a quick and handy solution to thoroughly disinfecting your space as required. The best disinfectant wipes are those that use at least 60% Ethanol or IPA as the active ingredient and work as quickly as in 30 seconds. 

In case you have allergies and ailments, it is best to consult your doctor before using any sanitization products.


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Disclaimer: Issued in public interest by Axio Biosolutions Private Limited. Kindly check the official guidance on WHO for more information on infection prevention and control of COVID-19.

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