Bleeding Control
in Surgical & Vascular


”Bleeding is a hidden complication in surgeries. It escalates cost and time in OR”

Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressings are a requisite in surgical procedures and is a supplement to haemostasis when conventional procedures to control bleeding are ineffective.... Axiostat, surgical hemostat based on Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT™), is a sterile surgical bleeding control and surgical wound dressing which controls bleeding effectively by providing an active mechanical barrier to the bleeding site. Axiostat®, accelerates blood clotting and reduces loss of blood.

Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressing

Stops moderate to Severe Bleeding during surgeries

Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressing

Reduces OT Time by achieving quick haemostasis

Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressing

Effective & Affordable Surgical Haemostat

Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressing

Ease of Application & Painless Removal

Intended Use

Suture line anastomosis | Capillary oozing | GI Surgery | Arterial and Venous bleeding/spurting | General Surgery | Post-resection, Tumor bed bleeding | All Ectomy Cases | Donor-site bleeding | Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeries | Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeries (CTVS)

Mechanism of Action of Axiostat
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Specification & Sizes

TechnologyCharge based Protonated
Bioadhesive Technology (PBT™)
MechanismMucoadhesion due to charge
TypeSponge, natural polymer
FlexibilityVery flexible, both sides active
SterilitySterilized using Gamma irradiation
Shelf Life5 Years
RemovalIrrigate with Saline/Water
Side EffectsNone
Axiostat Surgical Haemostatic Dressing

How to Use

1. Peel open Axiostat pouch and take Axiostat from blister pack
2. Apply Axiostat on the entire bleeding site with uniform pressure until dressing sticks to the wound

3. Once applied, do not lift or remove Axiostat, not even to check hemostasis.


4. To remove Axiostat, irrigate with saline/water and gently peel it off